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Author's NotesSG Bus Timings at a Glance.Save Routes that display based on your location


SG Dr Bus is a Singapore Bus Timing app that allow users to save personalized routes and display saved routes according to user’s current location, reducing the need to sieve through unnecessary bus information.

Personal Daily Routes
• Create your own "Daily Routes" for ultra fast access to SG Bus timings!
• "Daily Routes" are frequently taken bus routes to your school or workplace
• "Daily Routes" will be displayed based on your current location!
• All SG Buses & Bus stops defined in your route (multiple bus stops supported)

Find Buses You Need, Fast
• Common bus routes & nearby bus stops all at a glance
• Schedule your routes to be pinned on specific days and times
• Unified search allows you to search for routes, bus stops, bus services quickly

Improved Bus Timing Accuracy
• Live feed provided, no need for manual refresh
• Arrival timings are recalculated every second
• Better bus timing accuracy through software time synchronization with LTA servers

Battery Savings & Optimizations
• Lightweight and optimized for fast startup
• Location services are optimized for battery savings
• High priority location services and GPS utilization minimized
(A location icon on notification bar will be visible when applications use high priority location services, which consumes more battery)

Customizable Appearances
• Available in Light, Dark & Black themes
• Customizable map styles

*SG Dr Bus is a free SG Bus app developed by a small team of 2 developers.
Advertising is included to support back-end resources and future developments.
Thank you for your kind understanding.

If you are interested to further support us, you may help us by doing the following:
• Write about SG Dr Bus
• Share this SG Bus app with your friends
• Send us your feedback

Sometimes, you might spot a bus appearing at the bus stop, but its arrival time is not indicated on the app. These "Ghost" buses are off the grid probably due to non-functional GPS or mobile network. I recommend commuters to record down the bus license plate and forward the information to the relevant bus provider.

All bus related information are provided on an as is basis, by Land Transport Authority of Singapore. We do not control or guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or completeness of any linked information. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever caused resulting from the use of this application
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SG Dr Bus: SG Bus Daily Route APK - v1.4.2

Updated: 2020-10-23

What's new

Fixed reverse geocoding service
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1.4.2 (10402)2020-10-23
1.4.1 (10401)2020-08-24
1.4.0.RELEASE (10400)2020-04-04
1.3.5.RELEASE (10305)2020-02-11
1.3.4.RELEASE (10304)2019-10-30
1.2.0 (25)2018-07-08
1.1.0 (24)2018-01-18
1.0.6 (23)2017-10-24
1.0.5 (22)2017-08-07
0.9.1 (16)2017-05-25
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