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Author's NotesSensing+ lets growers know what is happening right here, right now on their farm


Sensing+ is packed with features to help customers understand what’s happening in their microclimate, so they can stay one step ahead of the weather and make more informed decisions that can impact crop yield.

Key features:

• View microclimate growing conditions for each block and planting in one place, including 7-day predictions

• Conditions include evapotranspiration (ETo and ETc), soil moisture and temperature, air temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, wind direction and speed and leaf wetness

• View conditions for multiple date ranges including today, tomorrow, the past 7 days and next 7 days

• Use the Scouting tool to record important details of any visible in-crop disease

• Set crop growth stages to auto progress to ensure accurate water balance readings

**Please note: This app is exclusively available to customers of the full Sensing+ system.
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Sensing+ The Yield APK - v1.0.6088

Updated: 2020-01-23

What's new


- See the total water balance for 7-day charts giving you visibility of the total rain minus Evapotranspiration for the last 7 days and the prediction for the coming week


- Fixes to ensure all available weather predictions are displayed correctly
- Fix to the display of soil moisture tiles
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1.0.6088 (1579563300)2020-01-23
1.0.6017 (1576542957)2019-12-19
1.0.6010 (1576458765)2019-12-17
1.0.5973 (1576021001)2019-12-12
1.0.5858 (1574385579)2019-12-06
1.0.5666 (1572307971)2019-11-05
1.0.5581 (1571030804)2019-11-04
1.0.5312 (1566364999)2019-08-28
1.0.5293 (1566181147)2019-08-22
1.0.5230 (1565087201)2019-08-14
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