Safe, secure, immediate payments & remittances for people without a bank account



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Author's NotesSafe, secure, immediate payments & remittances for people without a bank account


SendSpend is a revolutionary mobile payment app for consumers and small businesses who don’t have a bank account or credit card. The App is free and there are no set-up fees or monthly fees for users. Making payments and transfers is free for personal use customers.

Business users may pay a small transaction fee for receiving payments and are able to request payments from SendSpend customers either by entering the customers registered cell-phone number or by generating a QR code for the customer to scan. Small business owners without a bank account are also able to sell on-line by using SendSpend’s proprietary e-Commerce Payment Gateway and receive their funds immediately. The SendSpend App offers 2 payment methods to small businesses.

Requesting Payments from Customers

· Instant Pay – Payment Requested using customer’s cell-phone number

· Online Payments – Request Payment using the SendSpend Online Shop Plug-In or Payment Gateway – Funds will reflect in your SendSpend App immediately.

Consumers are also able to use their SendSpend App to remit funds to a friend or family member or request money from other SendSpend Customers using the SendSpend App. Transfers are INSTANT and FREE!

Both Domestic and International Remittances to other SendSpend Customers can be made using SendSpend.

There are also pre-loaded, pre-paid products which can be purchased from within the SendSpend Customer APP. These include Pre-Paid Data and electricity.

Stand-Out Features:

Making Payments

· Pay In-Store on Online wherever the SendSpend Payment Logo is displayed

· Pay by Accepting a Payment Request sent to your registered cell-phone number

· Purchase Pre-Paid Gift Cards, Electricity, Date, TV from withing the SendSpend App

· Send Money to friend, family member or loved one – Domestic or International

· Request Money from a friend, family member or loved one – Domestic or International

Depositing or Withdrawing Cash (Agent May charge a fee)

· Deposit or Withdraw Cash with an Agent

· Deposit or Withdraw Cash directly from/to your bank account

· Have your salary or wages paid into your SendSpend App

· Search and Locate SendSpend Agents easily by using the built-in Search Function.

· Compare Commission Charged, Distance and Location of Agent and select the one that best suits your needs

· Set Up an Appointment with the Agent so that they have cash available for you when you arrive

· Request and Agent to deliver the cash to you or collect cash form you if you are not able to leave your home or place of work

Currency Exchange

· Currency Exchange – For holiday or business travel

· No FEES!


· Earn Rewards by Referring SendSpend to your contacts


· Security is taken very seriously:

o Photo of person you are paying or agent you are depositing/withdrawing cash from is displayed to you in your app, so you can be sure you’re dealing with the correct person

o Your PIN (Personal Identification Number) is required to authorise every transaction

o Certain High-Risk transactions will also require you to enter an OTP (One Time Password)


Registration is Quick, Easy, Takes Seconds and is done entirely using the App. All you need is 2 items:

· ID Number

· Smart Phone or Tablet
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Updated: 2020-09-18

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