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OS RequireAndroid 4.1.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesReplace hardware power button with software button to lock the screen


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Just one touch to turn off and lock the screen.
Frequent use to turn the screen on/off can easily damage the phone's hardware power button. We provide software buttons to replace it and extend its useful life.

★ You can set the buttons to display in different locations:
  - Display on home screen
  - Display in the notification panel
  - (floating button) Floating on other apps

★ Features for all buttons:
  - Built-in lots of free icons or your custom icons
  - Vibration/sound/animation of the locking process
  - Fix can't unlock the screen with biometric authentication (fingerprint/iris/face)
  - (Assistive Touch) Show "Quick Menu" to quickly access to your favorite apps, games, settings

★ Features of the floating button:
  - Adjustable button size/opacity
  - Display weather information
  - Multiple button shapes (round/rectangular/narrow bar/love)
  - Automatically show/hide when the screen is in the fullscreen mode or the selected application is displayed
  - Single tap/double tap/swipe the button to trigger the actions:
    ↪ APP shortcuts
    ↪ RAM cleaner (speed booster)/Flashlight
    ↪ Home key/Back key/Recent apps/Last used app
    ↪ System settings/Notification panel
    ↪ Screen capture/Power menu (Android 5.0+)

★ Advanced features:
  - Wave your hand over the proximity sensor (near the front camera) to wake up or lock the screen
  - Long-press the Home button to lock the screen or do the actions (Android 7.0+)

★ Permissions required:
  - 👉 If you enable the Device Administrator permission to lock the screen, when you want to uninstall the application, you must manually disable the Device Administrator permission first or uninstall it from the "Uninstall app" option in the application settings. This is to follow the Android security guidelines.👈
  - This application requires Accessibility Services to support the following features.
    ↪ Turn off or lock the screen
    ↪ Home key/Back key/Recent apps/Last used app
    ↪ Make the floating button automatically show/hide

★ FAQ:
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Screen Lock - one touch to lock the screen APK - v9.0

Updated: 2021-02-20

What's new

[v8.6] 2020.11.10
◈ Support media control (Android KitKat+)
◈ Bug fixes

[v8.5] 2020.10.10
◈ Support Persian/Bengali
◈ Solve the problem of unable to take screenshots
◈ Bug fixes

[v8.4] 2020.09.10
◈ Support Android 11
◈ Bug fixes

[v8.3] 2020.08.10
◈ Support for setting the clock style displayed during locking
◈ Support for disabling system warning messages displayed when taking the screenshots (Android 10+)
◈ Bug fixes
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9.0 (392)2021-02-20
8.8 (387)2021-01-10
8.7 (383)2020-12-30
8.7 (378)2020-12-16
8.7 (377)2020-12-11
8.5 (361)2020-10-12
8.4 (357)2020-09-30
8.3 (347)2020-08-19
8.2 (336)2020-07-23
8.2 (334)2020-07-22
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