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Author's NotesScode is teaching coding with storytelling.


You will be entertained and learn to write software by performing your movements with codes with story dragging. With many scenarios, you can learn the software with the most appropriate scenarios. Other Features:
SCODE * FREE: You can get free software on Scode.
SCODE * INTERNET ACCESS: You can also use Scode when you do not have internet access.
SCODE * SOFTWARE SUMMER: Now you can learn programming language by playing games instead of just learning the algorithm.
SCODE * COMPETITION: In Scode you can compete with your Facebook friends and see who's better.

SCODE - WAR: You are a soldier in the war scenario! You must use the Commander's instructions to accomplish the task. The fate of war is in your hands!
SCODE - FOOTBALL: The match is about to begin! You're a spy! The Director's instructions will help you as you present the match to the spectators. It's totally up to your talents to play the game!
SCODE - MAKEUP: You are a makeup channel! The followers are waiting for you video. Make-up artistes will help you create content that will make them happy. Show your tricks!
SCODE - KITCHEN: You are a cook! You want to give it a nice feast. The Chief will help you in that sense. You can create tastes that people will enjoy!
SCODE - MEDIA: You are a spy! Manage your news program in the best possible way. Last minute news, up-to-the-minute news ... The best way to get it to the public. In this way the director will help you.
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Scode - Learn Coding APK - v0.64

Updated: 2017-12-26

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