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Author's NotesThe social Academy for self-learners


Schoox is a Social Learning Network that has a community open for anyone to join to be either a self-learner or an instructor or both and an enterprise module that can be used by corporations and organizations as their Training Academy.

As a self-learner you have access to over 1,000 public online courses in almost any topic from a wide range of course providers that can help you build a strong portfolio of qualifications which you can share with others. Your online portfolio captures everything you achieve and earn on Schoox like badges, certifications and recommendation letters and displays also charts that show your knowledge profile and your learning activity.

As a member of a corporate Academy you can attend online your corporate courses, share content and knowledge and collaborate with your colleagues.

Download the Schoox app that is the official companion to the site and get access to a large number of free public online courses. Start studying on the go and build your online portfolio of qualifications that you can share with others and use to get easier a job.

As a member of a corporate Academy on Schoox you will also have access to your corporate classes and your entire corporate training in your pocket!
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Schoox APK - v8.9.1

Updated: 2020-10-19

What's new

Curricula Supplemental Material
Rich text support for discussions, inbox & exams
All-or-Nothing point system for exam questions
Navigation improvements in Polls
Performance Review
Promoted Curricula Homepage Gadget
Job Training task hours
Events: show venue info
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8.9.1 (97)2020-10-19
8.8.2 (96)2020-09-11
8.8.1 (95)2020-08-25
8.7.2 (94)2020-08-23
8.7.1 (93)2020-07-09
8.6.1 (92)2020-05-23
8.5.1 (91)2020-04-30
8.4.1 (90)2020-03-27
8.3.1 (88)2020-02-12
8.2.1 (87)2019-12-24
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