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Author's NotesSpooky horror panda got is in your neighbor wondering to kill get out of house


Don't be scared! Survive in the most horror adventure game environment. Open new scary doors of secret chapters. Play & survive in the scariest night of your life. Only brave & courageous can win this creepy horror game. If you are a scary horror games lover & you have a vigilant mind to unlock horror door so this game is here for you make a horror escape plan in this terrifying story of scary neighbor.

Be ready to fight with horror bear and scary panda the creepy creatures of secret neighbor.
This pacify horror survival game is here to see how courageous you are? You will hear many dreadful whispers of horror clown & creepy ghosts from behind the scary doors of this haunted house. Walkthrough like a brave heart. Do not fear with strange things that move around. You are here to make a fear escape plan from the big mention of scary grandma avoid all horror scream and move fearlessly from this dreadful tale. If you saw horror activity behind your back then hide immediately from the evil ghosts they are here to capture you. You will have played various scared child game 3d and granny games. So here is the most horrifying dead thrilling game of 2020.

This scary neighbor's house is a dangerous place to live because many bad creatures are staying here like horror clown, baldina, horror bear, ghastly ghost & wicked evils. Enjoy short scary stories of bendy games and win as a solo fighter in this animated scary stories.
Play a variety of mysterious missions of spooky night & horror bear games. Keep your eyes open in the dark night as this dreadful game will bring terrifying objects in front of you when you are busy to make a move so be aware of the ghost attacks. Move-in safe & sound and find door keys to unlock the doors and find a way out from this horror house of bendy.

Save the life of the others who are stuck in this hunted home you are a hero in this scary neighbor game & you are here to save the life of the innocents. So this is not an ordinary fighting game this game is full of thrill, action, and challenges come with more peur or fear screams. Find codes & clues that can help you to get escaped from this hell. This is the perfect fear escape! So what are you waiting for? play & download this scary chapter & show that you are fearless.

How To Play :

Use Coloured keys and tools that will help you to escape from the neighbor's house.
Make Secret plans to escape!
Do not make a noise move vigilantly

Features :

⦁ Spooky Scary Haunted house walkthrough
⦁ Courageous Horror levels to play as a solo fighter
⦁ Scary Screams & Thrilling sounds effects
⦁ Terrifying Missions of to unlock
⦁ Actions Packed Levels to play as a brave heart!
⦁ Spooky Games with Scary Chapters.

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Scary Spooky Neighor - Secret Chapter APK - v1.0

Updated: 2020-02-01

What's new

* Spooky games secret chapter.
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1.0 (1)2020-02-01