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Author's NotesImprove your music practice - learn scales by playing along!


Learn scales and their notes for your exams, to improve your playing, or to enhance your music theory! Now includes the option to transpose for instruments in different keys. With Scales Practice you can pick a scale and show all of its music notes. You then press play to check how the scale sounds or play along with your instrument to check your pitch and help your music practice.

You can also save Playlists of chosen scales to play through one by one or get the app to pick a scale at random.

- beats to count you in
- displays all the music notes on a stave
- different sounds (piano, strings, etc)
- change the starting octave and number of octaves
- customisable tempos
- major, melodic minor, harmonic minor and pentatonic scales
- save your scales into Playlists

Looking to practice your arpeggios? Check out the Pro version of Scales Practice for lots more scales and arpeggios.

Scales Practice is supported by adverts, which is why it requires the “INTERNET” and “ACCESS NETWORK STATE” permissions.
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Scales Practice APK - v1.11.0

Updated: 2020-07-16

What's new

Added the Phrygian Dominant scale.
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