Rating4.1 ★ / 5
Size18.09 MB
OS RequireAndroid 4.2.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesPacked with brain training elements! You'll be surely hooked!


Puzzle x Development x Fantasy
A numbers-based puzzle game with no time limits, easy enough to play by anyone!
Forge the most powerful sword and defeat the monsters!
A new spin-off of the popular Sasuyu series apps!
Now you can play the puzzle version of ""Truly is Brave like You""!

Swipe to stack swords together and forge an even more powerul sword!
Defeat powerful monsters!
Build your skills and turn the tables on your enemies!
Development skills with puzzles!?
Develop your unit and build the offfensive power of your weapons! Reach for ever higher levels!

Packed with brain-training features! You'll be surely hooked!
A new sensation puzzle game that you can slowly and surely develop!

= How to play =
There are only 3 types of tiles: enemies, swords, and skills
Swords and skills appear as similarly designed tiles, so swipe to stack them together and forge greater powers
Forge powerful swords to defeat ever more stronger enemies as they appear! -
Acquire skill tiles and activate your unit's unique skills!
Defeat enemies with high HP to increase your score!!

= Recruit Sasuyu characters to join you =
Acquire familiar Sasuyu series characters (units) and develop them
Units have their own unique skills, so select Skill Member characters who fit your fighting style
By developing your unit, you can add bonuses to your sword's offensive powers!
Raise the floor of your offensive powers and defeat your enemies!

= Features =
A puzzle battle in the style of a fantasy RPG!
A simple yet deep and rich numbers-based puzzle game
By adding development skills, even players who aren't comfortable with puzze games can advance at their own pace!

*Recommended for these types of persons*
If you love to kill time with free games!
If you're easily hooked on free and casual games
If you know the Sasuyu series
If you love puzzle games!
If you're the type who loves to see your numbers rise
If you love to steadily develop and build
If you want to enter the world of fantasy
If you want to be unrivaled in puzzle games too
If your hobby is completing objectives and collections

- Background music and sound effects
- Use Icon
- Voice collaborations

*This game provides paid items.
*Free play is possible, but those who would like to progress at one shot can use these items.
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Sasuyu puzzle - Brain training fantasy puzzle game APK - v6

Updated: 2018-02-28

What's new

Thank you for playing!
App updated.

- Supported cloud storage. Please confirm the menu in the upper right.
- Improvements & bug fixes.
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5★ 298
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6 (8)2018-02-28
5 (6)2017-08-24
3 (4)2017-08-10

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