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Author's NotesThe industry standard canvassing and door-to-door sales app.


Door to door sales used to be tough business. We’ve changed that.

SalesRabbit optimizes every aspect of your canvassing, sales, and management process. Motivate reps, generate and track leads, manage areas, collect data, and sell more with our field expertise and intuitive mobile CRM.

We achieve these results by improving all parts of your organization:

View demographic data and homeowner details
Schedule appointments, share leads and notes
Show videos and digital presentations

Set and track personal and team performance records
Receive, upload, and create leads on the go
Streamline with digital credit approvals and sales agreements

View real-time reports on customizable performance metrics
Assign territories, track rep locations, and identify behavior trends
Simplify team communication and collaboration with real-time chat

Identify improvement opportunities from company data
Reduce customer creation costs with automated workflows
Cultivate a competitive, unified team culture
Retire outdated sales and closing techniques

Our software integrates with the leading software and data providers, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Docusign, Zapier, JobNimbus, MarketSharp, PestPac, Pocomos, Agemni, and improveit 360.

This makes us a must-have in any industry working with field reps or d2d: solar, satellite, pest control, home security, landscaping and lawn care, political campaigns, construction, roofing, auto repair, HVAC, and more.

Not part of a team? Use SalesRabbit Lite and benefit from using a free door to door sales app. Just download this app and click the "Register for Lite" button.
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SalesRabbit - Door to Door CRM APK - v4.36

Updated: 2020-09-11

What's new

If you’re willing to give us a few seconds of download time, we’ll give you an app that is stronger and faster than ever. Specifically, we’ve got more accurate stats that work better with DataGrid.
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4.36 (20200909)2020-09-11
4.35 (20200820)2020-08-23
4.34 (20200714)2020-07-17
4.33 (20200709)2020-07-15
4.32.1 (20200708)2020-07-10
4.31 (20200609)2020-06-14
4.30.1 (20200530)2020-06-02
4.29 (20200522)2020-05-24
4.28 (20200508)2020-05-11
4.27.2 (20200425)2020-04-27
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