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OS RequireAndroid 4.1.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesThe SOS button is a guarantee of your safety! Save yourself and your loved ones!


Our application sends SMS alerts to your selected contacts with the coordinates of your location. It will help all people who travel alone, as well as older people, feel safe!

How does a mobile lifeguard work?
You add the phones of people you trust from the phone’s contact list. This is enough for the application to start working. If something bad happened to you or you need help (I hope this does not happen to you), you long press the red button (sos button) send SMS to all of you selected people.

* Quick start and send alerts
* Sending SMS to multiple contacts
* Dark theme so as not to draw attention to the brightness of the phone
* Configure text SMS messages
* Continuous location updates
* Ease of use
* Your safety

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Safety - Help - SOS APK - v1.3.2

Updated: 2021-02-12

What's new

* Improved application stability
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1.3.2 (30)2021-02-12
1.3.1 (29)2020-11-07
1.2.9 (27)2020-10-31
1.2.5 (23)2020-09-15
1.2.4 (22)2020-08-10
1.2.2 (20)2020-08-07
1.2.1 (19)2020-06-02
1.1.5 (17)2020-05-22
1.1.4 (16)2020-05-13
1.1.3 (15)2020-05-06
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