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OS RequireAndroid 6.x - Marshmallow
Author's NotesS-Digicash: Luxembourg’s leading mobile payment app


With Digicash, your bank provides you with the most convenient, reliable and secure mobile payment app available in Luxembourg. Use your smartphone to pay your bills, shop online or pay at stores, supermarkets and restaurants.

To be able to use Digicash, just connect to your Internet banking and activate the app :
• Your current account is already set up for Digicash: no lengthy sign-up procedure required.
• Digicash is immediately ready to be used after activation. As the app is directly linked to your current account, your funds remain with your trusted bank: no need to credit a virtual prepaid account.
• Track your payments in real time via your Internet banking or the Digicash app.
• Send money to your friends just by using their phone number.
• Use the Digicash app as often as you want without paying any transaction fees.

Speed up your day-to-day payments with Digicash, your bank’s mobile payment app.
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S-Digicash APK - v7.0.2

Updated: 2020-12-17

What's new

- Digicash users can now pay Payconiq merchants in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.
- Software fixes and updates.
- Design update including Payconiq branding.
- Addition of a card informing users can scan Payconiq QR codes in Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands.
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7.0.2 (702000237)2020-12-17
7.0.1 (701000221)2020-11-25
7.0.0 (700000218)2020-11-11
6.2.0 (620100236)2020-07-03
6.1.6 (6160916)2019-12-10
6.1.5 (10114)2019-09-28
6.1.4 (9746)2019-05-04
6.1.3 (9716)2019-01-10
6.1.2 (9386)2017-12-15
6.0.0 (8976)2017-05-24
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