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Author's Notes> 45.000 Motorhome parkings 54 countries of Europe's leading mobile home portal


SOSeasy - by motorhome drivers for motorhome drivers

The ultimate Camping app for the largest Camper Van portal in Europe almost more than 45.000 exactly proofed campersites, campsites and motorhome parkings in 54 countries,
updated daily by over 107.000 users, meinwomo is the largest and most up-to-date motorhome database on the web.
In addition, there are almost 2 million other pois such as sights, landscape descriptions, gas stations, LPG,
museums, supermarkets.etc.

SOSeasy provides online and offline access to all of this data in an extraordinary
fast new app with a new, user-friendly interface.

Data from users in a foreign language in the portal are automatically translated and have no claim to correctness.

The name is program!

Download the app, sign up for the portal meinwomo and get started!
It has never been easier and faster!

Due to the data protection only a registration with a valid mail address is required

MINIMUM REQUIREMENT is Android 5 as well as the location and storage share

What does SOSEasy offer:

- The motohome sites are checked by moderators and are updated and expanded twice a day
- new extensive filter function to avoid unnecessary searching
- quick overview of prices, location and disposal through color different place symbols
- send comments, visits, ratings and pictures
- Search in the environment of the current own location or free choice of location
- meaningful maps, which automatically zoom into the satellite image when you zoom in online
- Access to the meinwomo forum for sharing with others and questions to the team
- own internal mailbox and notebook
- Full trial access 10 days with subscription status
- Usable in portrait and landscape format

There are different stages of development:

FREE OF CHARGE: After the trial period (10 days) one can still use online without filters and additional functions

EASY-SUBSCRIPTION (free of charge with 120 points or 7.99 Euro / year): Qualitatively good basic map package (osm)
for offline use, extensive filter and basic data ALL places offline, selected places in offline mode with all comments and pictures.
Simple favorites feature, check and place marked in the map.
Marked Visitor Messages. Different places in the map depending on price, services, kind of place

PREMIUM: Several storable filters, offline loading of large travel areas with more extensive maps via a grid management.
Several favorite lists, quick route for distance calculation and street display in the map. Easy to handle route planner that
also displays the route offline, as well as input of any private pois that are visible in the map and can be used offline.
Many more functions and settings as XXL users like 2nd map as a magnifying glass or overview, large tour planner, freely
selectable map type in each zoom level

Simply start 10 days point-free with Easy-Subscription and upgrade at any time if necessary, unused license days
are booked back to the exact day of the internal point account!

GENERALLY, ALL IS FREE OF CHARGE through cooperation through the internal points account. Report visited places,
send comments or changes and pictures. Everything brings points to the points account, which allows you to use
SOSeasy completely free in all desired levels.

This is unique and only available at meinwomo, the leading and largest motorhome portal on the planet.
Test and wonder!
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Motorhome Campersites Van Meinwomo SOSeasy APK - vSOSeasy_8.06

Updated: 2019-07-13

What's new

The rating list 4.7 * can be found at
The minimum requirement also for the test is the publication of the place and the memory as well as the registration of the user on meinwomo in order to be able to start the application.
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SOSeasy_8.06 (82)2019-07-13