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OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesReorder your delivery route and get home earlier with Circuit route planner.


Circuit route planner creates the quickest possible multi-stop delivery routes, saving you over an hour each day, and getting you home faster than relying on your intuition or navigation app of choice.

Tell Circuit where and when to start your route, add the list of stops you need to make, and Circuit handles the rest. It’ll decide the order that avoids traffic, prevents backtracking and means you’ll finish your delivery route as quickly as possible.

Circuit multi-stop delivery route planner provides estimated arrival times for multiple stops on your planned route, and these estimated arrival times are automatically updated as you make deliveries. Whether you're behind or ahead of schedule, the arrival times will always be up to date.

If you’re behind schedule, re-optimize the remainder of your route to avoid traffic where possible and arrive on time and within the stop’s delivery time window.

Drivers using Circuit get home over an hour earlier than those who don't!
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Circuit Route Planner APK - v2.15.11

Updated: 2020-09-11

2.15.11 (2151100)2020-09-11
2.15.6 (2150600)2020-09-01
2.15.3 (2150300)2020-08-30
2.14.0 (2140000)2020-08-27
2.13.8 (2130800)2020-08-23
2.11.23 (2112300)2020-07-15
2.11.16 (2111600)2020-07-06
2.11.15 (2111500)2020-07-03
2.11.7 (2110700)2020-06-26
2.11.5 (2110500)2020-06-23
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