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Author's NotesGrow your city and create Roman Empire, use strategy to build a civilization!


And here is the new territory. Many did not believe, they did not want to believe that here the Empire could create an outpost and survive. The history of this region is too complex, and too few heroes would like to build a frontier here to protect the interests of the Empire.

Only one hero is ready to take a chance and responsibility - it's you!

Take control of the construction in the city, develop trade, welcome merchants from all over the world, create favorable conditions for settlers, protect the people who believe in you, explore the wild land, equip heroes for raids, control them, fight and conquer new territories. Take the fate of the whole city into your own hands. Act!

Become the governor of Caesar on the territory of the barbarians, prove your allegiance to the banners of the Emperor! Rome believes in you, do not let it down!

And if someone does not kneel before the Emperor and the Empire, they will get to know the wrath of the sword of the Roman Empire.

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Rise of the Roman Empire: City Builder & Strategy APK - v2.1.6

Updated: 2021-02-10

What's new

Thank you for playing our games! We continue to work hard in order to make our game even more exciting and user-friendly!
In this update:
- fixed a crashed game
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2.1.6 (129)2021-02-10
2.1.3 (118)2020-12-22
2.1.2 (113)2020-12-10
2.1.0 (106)2020-11-16
2.1.0 (105)2020-11-12
2.0.6 (100)2020-10-16
2.0.5 (98)2020-10-04
2.0.4 (95)2020-09-04
2.0.3 (92)2020-07-28
2.0.2 (90)2020-07-09
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