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You can READ & LISTEN Risale-i Nur collection comparatively between English, Arabic, Russian, Persian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, French and Turkish.

You can download AUDIO BOOKS of Risale-i Nur collection and follow the book with the audio synchronously.

Badiuzzaman Said Nursi - Treatise of Light Collection

The Collection of Risale-i Nur proves and explains the truths of faith in conformity with modern science through rational proofs and evidence.

Thus, rather than being a Qur’anic commentary which expounds all its verses giving the immediate reasons for their revelation and the apparent meanings of the words and sentences, the Risale-i Nur is what is known as amânevî tefsir, or commentary which expounds the meaning of the Qur’anic truths. The verses mostly expounded in the Risale-i Nur are those concerned with the truths of belief, such as the Divine Names and attributes and the Divine activity in the universe, the Divine existence and Unity, resurrection, prophethood, Divine Determining or destiny, and man’s duties of worship. Bediuzzaman explains how the Qur’an addresses all men in every age in accordance with the degree of their understanding and development; it has a face that looks to each age. The Risale-i Nur, then, explains that face of the Qur’an which looks to this age. We shall now look at further aspects of the Risale-i Nur related to this point.


Includes ENGLISH translations of:
The Short Words (First Nine Words)
The Message for the Sick (25th Flash)
The Resurrection and the Herafter (10th Word)
** 12, 13, 19, 21, 22, 23, 32nd Word
** A Guide for Youth
** On Sincerity (Ikhlas)
** Nature: Cause or Effect? (English)

Includes ARABIC translations of:
The resurrection and hereafter (10th Word) The Short Words (First Nine Words)
The Message for the Sick (25th Flash)
On Brotherhood (Ukhuwwat) and Love
On Sincerity (Ikhlas)
** On Ijtihad (Arabic)

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Risale-i Nur (Comparative Reading & Audiobooks) APK - v2.5

Updated: 2021-02-11

What's new

- ENGLISH: The Letters, 15th Ray (The Shining Proof). A Guide for Youth and Fruits of Belief revisions and colorizations.
- ARABIC: A Guide for Youth
- RUSSIAN: 270+ new Aphorisms and new books A Guide for Youth, Supreme Sign, 33 Windows, Treatise on Sunnah, 20th Letter
- GERMAN and KOREAN Message for the Sick.
- 200+ New background images for Aphorisms.
- Android 10 audio download and aphorism sharing bug fixed.
- Some other bug fixes.
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