Tricky riddles and brain teasers. Can you unlock them in this riddle quiz game?



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Author's NotesTricky riddles and brain teasers. Can you unlock them in this riddle quiz game?


This Riddles with Answers game contains hundreds of tricky, fun and challenge riddles for you to solve!

The Riddle Game contains riddles in the following categories:
✵ Brain Teasers
✵ Classic Riddles
✵ Just Riddles
✵ Tricky Riddles With Answers
✵ Just Riddles
✵ Logic Puzzles
✵ Math Riddles
✵ What is it?
✵ What am I?
✵ Who am I?
✵ Riddles for Adults
✵ Riddles for Kids
✵ Easy and Difficult Riddles
✵ Funny Riddles
✵ Guess the Riddle
✵ Short and Long Riddles
✵ Quiz game for girls and boys
✵ Short and Long Riddles
✵ Little riddles

This app contains only the best hand picked riddles.

★★ Features ★★
✔ Hundreds of riddles and brain teasers
✔ Frequently updated with more content
✔ 36 different levels to unlock
✔ Completely free to play
✔ View answers after each question
✔ Fun quiz game for girls and boys
✔ Suitable for all ages kids, teen, and adult as it contains only family friendly questions
✔ Contains various types of riddles such as Who I Am and Logical puzzles.
✔ Available offline - not internet connection is required to play this game making it the perfect quiz game for road trips

Riddle Me That is split into multiple different quizes, each containing 10 riddles. To unlock the next level you need to answer correctly 6 riddles. Answers are displayed after each question is answered. There are a total of 25 tests to unlock.

How smart are you? Test your brain! This game is perfect for puzzle lovers. Test your brain IQ and find out how smart you are with the Just Riddles test quiz game.

Are you smart enough to unlock all the riddles? Download the Riddle Master Quiz containing Riddles and Answers free today to find out!
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Riddle Quiz APK - v7

Updated: 2020-11-18

What's new

- 6 brand new levels added
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