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Author's NotesPost your arguments and polls to receive opinions from a wide audience.


Why fight when you can RGUE?

Many times there is no right or wrong answer to an argument in real life. So how do you end a debate conclusively?

The best way to come to a resolution in such a situation is to see what the majority of people think about the issue. The RGUE app provides you with the perfect medium to pose your questions and get answers from a large, unrelated audience so the viewpoint you receive is always unbiased. In case you don’t want people to know your issues, you even have the option to remain anonymous when posting your questions. As an RGUE user, you can regularly check questions, arguments and polls posted by others, and answer them in a tap to provide value to other users. A stats section allows you to see how you fared in an argument compared to other RGUE users, and also provides a counter of the arguments you’ve won.


• Get answers - Post your arguments on RGUE and receive definitive answers to determine whether you’re right or wrong.
• Know what others think - Receive unbiased opinions on general questions and conflicts so that you can make informed decisions.
• Add pictures - Get definitive answers to your questions by adding photos to support your arguments or questions.
• Share your opinion - Help others by giving genuine answers to their questions and arguments.
• Check your stats - Feel like a winner. View stats to see how many arguments you have won!

Isn’t that awesome? Whether it’s your friends or your loved ones, never get into a fight again with RGUE to support or confirm your view (or tell you that you’re wrong!) Use RGUE to:

• Settle all your arguments with friends, family and colleagues with finality.
• Receive unbiased answers to your arguments and questions.
• Learn what people are thinking.
• Get genuine help in making decisions.
• Answer questions for others and enjoy helping them resolve their arguments.
• Create polls on various topics and judge the nerve of the audience.

RGUE allows you to get definitive solutions to your arguments and issues by posting your questions on the app or creating short polls. The user-friendly app is easy to navigate and offers a unique interface that is fun and engaging to use.

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RGUE: Resolve Conflicts with Polls and Debate Wars APK - v2.4

Updated: 2019-05-31

What's new

- Implemented app incentive features allowing users to earn badges and achieve status levels.
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