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OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesretailCRM is more than just a database of orders and customers


retailCRM is available on the mobile phone now. Information about your customers and orders is always with you. Get access to the necessary data for fast customer service.

What retailCRM Mobile can do:

— provides employees with access to customer data from any place. No pauses in work process even if you are not at your workplace;
— allows to view, add, change and delete the most necessary data. It allows to create a new order adding the main information;
— makes calls directly from the application;
— displays a list of all customers with possibility of viewing contacts, key indicators, segments and marks by each customer;
— updates the data between the mobile application and the web version in 1 touch;
— searches for customers according to personal data;
— searches for orders;
— filters customers and orders according to the parameters you wish: responsible — manager, order status, special marks;
— displays the general situation on orders - functionality for a quick view.

For access to retailCRM Mobile, it is necessary to have a license in the web version. If you already have the license, use it for logging in.

To work with the application, you must have retailCRM version 7.0. The application does not work on earlier versions.
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retailCRM Mobile - Solution for digital commerce APK - v2.0.5

Updated: 2021-01-21

What's new

Hi there! We have one of the biggest updates - work B2B clients. New version of the app allows you to organize seamless, quick and easy work with legal entities directly on your smartphone.

But that's not all. We have added the ticket system to contact with technical support. There are filters by date, status and manager. You can also search by subject or message text, so you can find the ticket faster.

And also we have fixed various minor bugs.
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2.0.5 (67)2021-01-21
2.0.4 (66)2021-01-19
2.0.1 (63)2020-12-21
2.0 (62)2020-12-18
1.16.1 (57)2020-11-03
1.16 (56)2020-10-19
1.15 (53)2020-09-20
1.14.1 (52)2020-09-11
1.14 (51)2020-08-26
1.13 (50)2020-07-24
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