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Author's NotesThis is a remote control for VLC media player. It also allows you to browse your media on your computer...




This is a remote control for VLC media player. It also allows you to browse your media on your computer and play and enqueue it VLC's playlist.

There is a streaming version of this application available at

There is an install guide available at
You can also find a list of FAQ's at

This application is a fork of the application "Remote for VLC" by Peter Baldwin (

The source code for this application can be found on GitHub ( See the repository for licensing information.

If you are using VLC 2.0.x version, you may need to edit your VLC ".hosts" file. (Windows default location: C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\lua\http\.hosts).

If you are using VLC 2.1 or VLC 2.2.0 nightlies, you will need to set a default password for the Web interface (Tools -> Preferences -> "All" checkbox -> Interface -> Main interfaces -> Lua)

This app should be compatible with AceStream since it is a fork of VLC. If using VLC and AceStream simultaneously, remember to change the port of the HTTP server.

* Added library support for viewing multiple directories under one directory
(via context menu). This is similar to Windows Libraries.
* Fixed crashing occasionally when trying restore the search query
* Added "What's New" dialog for displaying changelog on app update

* Updated install guide and FAQ's
* Fix force close when entering an invalid preset value
* Added playlist search

* Change app name to "Remote for VLC (Fork)" due to trademarked name "VLC Remote"
* Fix handling of passwords containing # or ;
* Removed broken stream context menu item
* Fixed crash due to logging

* Added preference for playback controls in the notification drawer
* Updated widget to use the same style views as the notification
* Added album art to widget/notification

* Added next/previous chapter buttons for large enough screens (VLC 2.0+)
* Can now choose the action bar buttons in Settings -> Interface Settings.
* Added presets for toggling audio/subtitle delays
* Can now give servers a nickname to display instead of ip/hostname:port
* Can now display the current server as a subtitle in the action bar
* Fixed some crashes/hidden views on orientation change

* Added swipeable tabs (ViewPager) for phone layouts
* Hide DVD preferences now takes effect without restarting the app
* The volume fragment is now hidden if there is not enough space in the UI.
Volume can still be adjusted with the hardware volume keys

* Fixed widget size
* Updated Spanish translations
* Restored "Remove from playlist"
* Library files and directories are now sorted case insensitively
* Fixed app crash under certain circumstances

* Added action bar item when browsing library to change the text size
* Fixed force close when scanning for servers in some situations

* Added preference for custom seek times
* Fixed some actions not working after changing server

* Display bottom action bar to smaller screens for cropping, subtitle track, fullscreen, audio track and aspect ratio.
* Playlist loading progress
* Detect media information from the filename
* Edit server, test server, HTTP auth servers
* Fix browsing titles and parent directories
* Added preference to hide the DVD tab for smaller screens
* Added preference to display directories sorted before files.
* Added preference to detect media information for each item in the playlist

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Remote for VLC (Fork) APK - v0.7.5

Updated: 2016-01-13

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