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OS RequireAndroid 4.1.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesCandles and ASMR sounds that provide dim light for a relaxing environment.


You always wanted to light a candle and not run the risk of setting fire to your house? Now you can enjoy 4 different animations of candles with different ASMR sounds.

The vision of fire in the dark is highly relaxing. Take advantage and relax watching the fire move and listening to the different sounds.

These sounds will help you to enter the world of sailing and you will feel different sensations. The best ones are:

🕯️A single candle with sound of rain and birds that will make you feel as if you were in the field.

🕯️The movement of two candles and the sound of the crickets will make you remember the village of your grandparents.

🕯️The candles in water and the sound of a bamboo fountain will make you feel at peace.

🕯️The candle and the wind where you can see how the wind affects the fire of the candle, of the best!

Now you can save on candles, you just have to turn on your phone and you will not risk staining anything or leave burning.

What are you waiting for to enjoy the tranquility of candlelight?
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Relaxing Candles 🕯️ APK - v1.0.66

Updated: 2020-09-11

What's new

New design and sounds to relax🕯️🕯️
Added timer function ⏳⏳

Added free ads option menu.🔥🔥
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1.0.66 (1000066)2020-09-11
1.0.65 (1000065)2019-11-01
1.0.64 (1000064)2019-10-28
1.0.57 (1000057)2019-08-13
1.0.56 (1000056)2019-06-18
1.0.51 (1000051)2018-11-07
1.0.49 (1000049)2018-10-20
1.0.45 (1000045)2018-10-20
1.0.42 (1000042)2018-09-28
1.0.29 (1000029)2018-09-13
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