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OS RequireAndroid 4.2.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesPrecise music bpm tempo keeping and click track app for musicians


Meet Real Metronome - a quartz-accurate digital mobile metronome app precisely crafted by professional musicians that lets you experience a real metronome as close as it gets! Keep tempo with the help of metronome beats!

A word from developers:
“We created Metronome to give musicians all over the world the possibility to use a real metronome on their mobile device for free!”

Guys, should you enjoy Real Metronome app - please leave your rating or review - this really helps a lot in further development!

The features to enjoy:
✔ Maximum precision
✔ Intuitive easy to use interface
✔ Universal app for phone and tablet

Visual metronome arrangement:
✔ Digital metronome click tracker
✔ Classic analog metronome click tracker

Tempo Animations:
✔ Moving pendulum animation
✔ Visual flash - see the beats!
✔ Vibration - feel the beats!

Tempo rates:
✔ All popular tempos included
✔ Manually adjust to any desired tempo
✔ Tempo ranges from 10 to 250 bpm (beats per minute)

Time signatures:
✔ All popular time signature presets
✔ Manually set any time signature

Sound Sets:
✔ Over 10 handpicked sounds for every band and style
✔ Digital
✔ Analog
✔ Drum metronome
✔ Piano metronome
✔ Cymbals
✔ and many more

Our Real Metronome is used by music schools' students and teachers all over the world. If you an educational organization that are using or willing to use our apps, drop us a line at

=== About Gismart ===
Gismart is a team of devoted musicians and developers with real passion for music and everything about it!
Find out more about us:
Follow us on Twitter/Facebook: @Gismartmusic
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Real Metronome for Guitar, Drums & Piano for Free APK - v1.7.5

Updated: 2019-06-17


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