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Want to have fun with your friends? Do your friends get disgusted by fart noises and burp sounds?

Humour and smile are what people need, and fart pranks and burp bombs are ideal to create fart sounds and cause funny laughs. Discover these pranks and many more with Fart Sounds Pranks: Burp, Hair Clipper, Fake Call.

• Farting sounds are funny sounds, crazy and embarrassing noises, so they are ideal for having fun with your friends without releasing gases. This fart noises app is the funniest of prank apps.
• Choose from different original farting and fart noises. This app contains many different fart sounds! Just fart anywhere, anytime with this fart app!
• Gross out your friends and family with a variety of nasty and vile sounds of flatulence.
• Fart machine is perfect for teasing your friends. There are 15 fart sounds and Flatulence and many unpleasant sonic gases.
• Fart ringtones and burp ringtones that you can set up for your friends is really funny
• Prank your friends and your parents with these funny fart games and fart noises pranks. Only these pranks have no bad smells.
• If you are in the elevator, you can voice up your phone and use this fart sound and burp sound funny prank.
• Fart Piano Joke: play piano with fart sounds, christmas songs
• Fart Time bomb: let the fart explode after some time!

Hair Clipper for a fake hair cut
• Turn your mobile into a real hair clipper and refresh your friend's haircut style from boring normal to a cool abstract artsy style. Funny isn't it?
• Well of course it will not be for real but the sound simulators of electric shavers, scissors, and hair dryers will make anyone believe the hoax.
• Hair Clipper is one of the most realistic apps that perfectly simulate the sound and vibration of the real hair trimmer.

* Christmas Songs, Christmas Ringtones for unforgattable Christmas celebration

Fake Celebs Call
• To really fool your friends, this fake celebrity call prank is the way to go.
• You can choose from multiple funny scenarios, select the least expected celebrity to call, and the app sends the call while you sit back and listen to your prank in action and in a Christmas celebration.
• You can also download it to a friend’s device, pick some celebrity’s name like “Ellen” or “Jean-Claude Van Dam” and set the timer. Now lay back and watch your friend answer it!

Loud Police Siren Sound Prank
• Ultimate collection of siren alarm and cop lights
• Extensive police hooters and horns with the police flashlight
• Plenty of police sirens, air raid alert, text message sirens, Christmas songs, and police siren ringtones

Doorbell Sounds Prank
Or the Ding Dong Bell! Play the doorbell sound and watch as they answer the door to find no one there. Repeat various times for optimal humor! From old-fashioned doorbells to modern rings and buzzers, Christmas ringtones, this app has them all.

Horn Simulator
Simulate car horn sounds that you can use for fun or set as an annoyingly humorous ringtone! The car horn prank sounds include many tones and types of honking, beeping, tooting, Christmas songs, and other horn noises.

Broken phone screen
The fun classic broken screen prank never gets old, everyone is so scared when the cracked screen prank in Christmas is pulled on them, what is scarier than a cracked screen joke when you just bought a new phone?

Fart Sounds Pranks: Burp, Hair Clipper, Fake Call includes other prank apps all in one, if you want to be the king of pranksters, Christmas ringtones get the queen of prank apps, download Fart Sounds Pranks: Burp, Hair Clipper, Fake Call now!
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