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Author's NotesRadio Control flyers, log your model flights, battery and fuel usage.


Radio Control flyers, use this App to log your flights, battery & fuel use and more.

This is the 'Free edition' with maximum: 2 models, 8 batteries and 1 pilot.
(Unlock the features of the full app via in-app purchase.
PLEASE NOTE: this will still show as the 'Free' app. If this is an issue, please purchase the 'Full' app).

Keep track of model configuration, tasks and spares lists for each model.
Quick and easy identification of batteries and models using NFC RFID Tags (Revo Bump tags) or QR Code labels. Please note: anti-metal RFID tags are recommended when applied to batteries due to metal content affecting the tag performance.

Model types:
- planes, gliders, helicopters, multi-rotors (drones), jets, cars etc

Model power:
- electric, nitro, gas, kerosene, diesel, Jet-A, powerless
- tracks fuel usage for each model (nitro, gas and kerosene) in metric (ml) and gallons (US and UK)
- logs quantity of each fuel type used

Battery types:
- LiPo, LiHV, LiFe, NiCad, etc
- Stick packs (virtual pack containing other batteries)
- Receiver packs (configurable flights per charge)

Flight log:
- Model and batteries used
- Pilot (from list of pilots)
- Flight style (from configurable list)
- Good flight or crash (with reason)
- Flight duration
- Weather temperature and wind speed
- Location (using GPS)

Logs model flights, crashes, repairs and maintenance.
Log battery charge state, cycle count, IR (pack and individual cells).
Stores photos of models, batteries, pilots and spare parts.
Backup and restore data to Dropbox and share between devices.
Export data via Dropbox

Revision History
Improved landscape display for small screens like Spektrum iX12.
Filters added to model and battery pages.

German translation. Sort packs by IR, and IR in battery description.
Added C-charge rating to pack setup.

Added Home button to various pages.

Map and Task improvements

Log summary improvements.
Tasks due after number of flights.

Import rcFlightbook from Dropbox
Fixed photo bug.
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RC Flight and Battery Log (Free) APK - v5.0.8

Updated: 2020-08-29

What's new

Note editors are sizeable to allow more text.
Updated libraries.
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5.0.8 (112)2020-08-29
5.0.7 (111)2020-08-03
5.0.6 (110)2020-07-05
5.0.4 (105)2020-02-20
5.0.1 (101)2019-11-01
4.2.4 (99)2019-09-28
4.1.2 (93)2019-08-05
4.1.1 (90)2019-01-20
4.1.0 (89)2018-11-10
4.0.6 (86)2018-09-24
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