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Author's NotesRandom Generator. Languages: English, German, Russian …


Dear friend!

This Software will help you if you need a random number, random letter, yes or no, a random word or a random color. All these elements make, as desired:

- The list of numbers or the range of numbers from - to.
- Latin or Cyrillic alphabet, all or only the desired letter.
- Yes or no.
- Word list.
- 12 or 64 colors, all or only the desired colors.

They also decide which of these random elements are shown on the display. Only random number, random number and random color together, or any random elements simultaneously.

This Software helps you not only playing but also anywhere where you need to make a decision. For example: You want on holiday and have several options to choose from that will give you all the same liked. This Software can help you! Simply add in the word list all resorts and the Software shows a Random City from the word list. And if you still do not want to simply rely on the first coincidence of the Software, no problem! You can with the whole family on the Start button repeatedly click until a holiday occurs twice. And this is then your resort.

Of course you can also come up with your own variations to make a decision!

In games this Software is an irreplaceable help! If you are not playing dice or as have no place to roll the dice on the train. Or play straight: "City-Country-River" and need a random letters. To make the play more fun while traveling. It is suitable for all ages and all possible situations.

In the free version, you may use any random elements only once. And an advertising banner informs you of interesting material and service offers.

In the paid version of the banner will disappear and you can create as many random elements and also change its order. Or play a game where two players must be selected at random and that a girl and a boy. Create two random elements of the type "word" and add in an all female name and the added other all male names. In the Software two random names for girls and boys names are then simultaneously displayed.

In the settings below the word "Menu" are two keys to change the font size of all the headings . Under the word "key" are also two buttons to adjust the font size to change all keys and the word "line" Amend below also two buttons to adjust the font size for all rows .

Hidden Settings:

Clicking on the word "Menu" is the font size for the word "menu", "button", "line" and also reduces all the buttons down and when you click on the word "line" all font sizes above are magnified .

A must-have for each of a decision aid consumption .

Have fun!
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