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Author's NotesThe Quran in Arabic and its translation. 8 online tasks to learn each Surah.


Study the Quran in a convenient format!

Shakird is a mixture of:
- The Quran in Arabic and its translation.
- Each Ayah available for listening.
- 8 online tasks to learn each Surah.
- Simple video interpretations.

Also, Shakird includes courses that cover the most important themes in Islam, from marriage to running a business as a muslim. You can check your knowledge with tests at the end of each lesson.

1) Shakird lets you set goals in points. For instance, right after you sign up, your goal will be 50 points a day. You gain points for each new material you study, which is really motivating. Have you read another page from the Quran? Listened to a lecture from the Surah of the Prophet ﷺ? Learned how business matters coincide with Islam? Get a certain number of points for each of your achievements.
2) The points-based system lets you track your progress as well as compete with friends in getting new knowledge. Go to Sprint, search for your friends there, and work hard toward becoming the leader of the day. It’s better than any popular online game!

It’s free!
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