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Author's NotesAre you an expert in Fortnite ? How many dances can you guess from the game ?


Let’s play some GUESS THE DANCE with us !
Get the app to challenge yourself with various kinds of fun quizzes about the Fortnite game including all the famous dances, emotes, weapons, skins & cosmetics.
Enjoy it and let’s see how much of a Fortnite expert you are!

Features :

★ View all the famous Battle Royale dances from Fortnite : from the epic dances to the rare dances !
★ Diverse quizzes about Fortnite dances, emotes, weapons, skins, cosmetics with images & GIF !
★ More than 200 levels to play !
★ Notifications of new updates !
★ Multilanguage support : French, English
★ Chat box to have a conversation with others who also play the game !
★ Update all lastest Battle Royale Dance Moves and Emotes
★ No wifi Required, game is totally offline

With this app, you can test how much an expert you are in Fortnite by guessing our quizzes about all the famous Battle Royale dance moves & emotes. Besides that, we also have quizzes about the cosmetics, the weapons, and the skins in the game for you to guess so that you can test your knowledge about the game or to expand it.

Here are some more details about this app:

★ For the guessing game, you have to find out the only correct answer out of the 4 given answers, or you have to fill in the blank the correct answers with the given letters at the bottom. The quizzes are all about the Battle Royale dances, skins, the emotes, or the weapons in the Fortnite game.
★ In each quizz, we all have a picture or a GIF of the item for you to have a look at
★ While playing the game, if you get stuck on some questions like what’s the name of this dance move, weapons, etc,… you can use the chat box to connect with other players and freely ask or share information about the game with each other.

About the game Fortnight

🎮 Fortnite is now available in 3 distinct game mode versions which are: FORTNITE Save The World, FORTNITE Battle Royale, and FORTNITE Creative.

★ Dance Moves is the default emote cosmetic item in Fornite : Battle Royale. The dances are given to all players of Battle Royale for free when they sign up to the game.

★ Emotes – Fortnite are cosmetic items in Fortnite game and it is available for both Fortnite Battle Royale and Fortnite Save The World.

Here is the list of the top 5 best and well-known dance move emotes in Fornite : Battle Royale ! 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽


Besides the famous Dance Moves, the skin is also one of the common emote items in Fortnite : Battle Royale.

Here is the list of all the coolest skins in the Battle Royale :

There are still more than a hundred of others Dance Moves and other emote cosmetic items from the Fortnite: Battle Royale game. Download the app to discover all of it !

In the future, we will add more new features, language options and update new topics for the quizzes about the Fortnite game to help users have a better experience with this app.

If you think you are a real expert in Fortnite game, the Battle Royale dances & emotes, then get this app and try taking all the guessing challenges.

Our app is free, simple and easy to use, so what are you waiting for ? download it to enjoy the game!

Please do not forget to share this app Fortnite –GUESS THE DANCE ~ Battle Royale dances, emotes, weapons, skins to your friends so we can enjoy it together. Have fun!


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Guess : Dances and skins Fortnite Battle royale APK - v5.8

Updated: 2019-12-15

What's new

✅ Fix minors bugs
✅ Add all Fortnite dances
✅ Guess the Fortnite gun and weapons
✅ Guess the Fortnite skin
✅ Optimisation
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