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OS RequireAndroid 6.x - Marshmallow
Author's NotesOne-click shortcuts to remotely control the key features of the Nissan Leaf.


QuickLeaf is designed to remotely control the key features of the Nissan Leaf in the most robust, easy and fast way.

This is achieved by providing a very simple interface without unnecessary navigation, automatically retry if something fails, and run in the background.

You can log into the app with your You+Nissan account, just like in the NissanConnect EV app.

The app supports Nissan Leaf sold between december 2010 and may 2019 as well as Nissan e-NV200 sold from juni 2014 (Similar to the NissanConnectEV-app)

NOTE: If you're unable to log in to both this app and the official app, please update your password at You+Nissan. You should also note that the API frequently has temporarily issues that makes the login not work.


The app offers a simple interface with various functions that can be run with just one click. These are dependent on the Nissan's API, which in turn requires communication with the car to run. The app does what it can to make the experience of the delays as least annoying as possible.

Fuctions that can be run:
⚫ Start/Stop AC
⚫ Check battery status/percentage
⚫ Monitor battery (Continuously updates the battery status during charging, and estimates charging speed and when charging is done)
⚫ Start charging


Logging in is only done the first time you open the app. Passwords are securely encrypted via the Android KeyStore API and stored in the app upon login so the app can automatically log in again whenever the API requires it.


App shortcuts is supported for some of the functions. To use these press and hold the app icon until the menu appears. From here you can click on the pin to add the shortcut to your home screen.

Free app

The app is free, but all contributions are greatly appreciated.

This can be done from within the app if you like the it. Only you know what the app is worth to you, so this is up to you. Anyway, I appreciate everyone who tries the app and gives feedback if something doesn't work properly.
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QuickLeaf APK - v1.4.9

Updated: 2021-01-19

What's new

Possibility to set the temperature for AC
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1.4.9 (40)2021-01-19
1.4.8 (39)2021-01-05
1.4.7 (38)2020-12-10
1.4.5 (36)2020-12-05
1.4.1 (32)2020-10-01
1.3.2 (26)2020-01-22
1.2.8 (22)2019-10-26


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