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Size2.57 MB
OS RequireAndroid 6.x - Marshmallow
Author's NotesSimple Push Notifications


Pushover is a simple push notification service that integrates easily into web apps like IFTTT, network monitors like Nagios, shell scripts, servers, and anything else that needs to send alerts to your Android, iPhone, iPad, and Desktop. App includes a free 7-day trial and unlimited usage on Android beyond the 7-day trial requires a one-time $4.99 in-app purchase.

Now includes home-screen and lock-screen widgets, support for sending notifications to Android Wear watches, and a Tasker event plugin!

Visit to find apps, plugins, and services that support Pushover, or get a free API key to create your own app. Also find out about our iOS and Desktop clients to receive Pushover notifications on all of your devices.
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Pushover APK - v3.5.3

Updated: 2020-06-29

What's new

- Minor bug fixes
- Add a Do Not Disturb buttons to the message list and widget to quickly silence new notifications for a brief period of time
- Fix an issue where message attachments were not deleted when deleting all messages at once, using up excess storage space
- Add option to force playing notification sounds while application is open and screen is unlocked
- Restore alarm volume with "play high-priority as alarm" option after playing sounds
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4★ 395
3★ 85
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1 ★ 254
3.5.3 (161)2020-06-29
3.5.2 (160)2020-06-09
3.5.1 (158)2020-05-09
3.5 (157)2020-01-13
3.4.8 (152)2019-10-27
3.4.6 (150)2019-09-23
3.4.5 (148)2019-08-22
3.3.4 (130)2018-09-22
3.3.3 (129)2018-09-13
3.2.3 (113)2018-07-17
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