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OS Require5.0 and up
Author's NotesAll in one security alarm to deter theft. No ads.


PSA Pro is the most customizable and least intrusive anti-theft alarm available. The app relies on your device's built in sensors to alert you when needed.

Motion Detection Mode
• Utilizes the accelerometer sensors on your device to monitor for movement
• Sensitivity control for movement threshold
• One touch activation
• Alarm sounds when device is picked up after being armed

Pickpocket Mode
• Utilizes your device's proximity sensor to determine if your device has been removed from your pocket or bag/purse
• Configurable proximity distance in centimeters for devices that support this
• Alarm sounds when device has been removed from pocket or bag
Please note that this mode will not work properly if you use a case or flip cover on your phone that blocks the proximity sensor. Also note that some devices only support a near and far measurement for the proximity sensor.

Charger Mode
• Alarm sounds when charger is unplugged

Alarm Features
• Set the alarm volume that you want because sometimes max volume is just too loud
• Cannot change the volume of the alarm when sounding
• Uses Android's alarm audio channel in order to make sure the alarm always sounds through the phone speaker in case Bluetooth headphones are connected
• Pick any audio clip from your phone to play as the alarm or choose from a few of the provided options
• Configurable grace period until alarm sounds when triggered
0 seconds for immediate alarm feedback or up to 10 seconds to provide you time to deactivate the alarm without setting it off yourself

Other Features
• Dark theme
• Simple one touch button to arm and deactivate the alarm at any time
• Minimal permissions needed compared to similar apps
• No ads or internet access needed ever
• Basic instructions provided in app
• Disable the alarm by simply unlocking your phone using your fingerprint or PIN
No need to remember another password!

Good security often consists of multiple layers. This app attempts to help secure your phone at a physical level. If a potential thief tries to take your phone, then they will be greeted with a loud alarm of your choosing. Usually a blaring alarm is enough of a deterrent to prevent theft in a public or private setting.

Use Cases
• Leaving your phone on the sideline when playing pickup basketball
• Setting your phone down when working out at the gym
• Placing your phone in your pocket walking through crowded areas
• Setting your phone in your purse when walking around the grocery store
• Leaving your phone on the side when riding a roller coaster
• Putting your phone in a bag on the ground while watching a show
• Leaving your phone on your desk at work when you use the bathroom
• Charging your device in the airport
• Charging your device when you are sleeping
• Pranking someone you know with a personalized audio clip when they take your device

Permission Transparency
• Storage: the storage permission is only used to retrieve custom audio files on your phone. If you do not use this feature, then there is no need to allow this permission.

Thank you so much for considering downloading PSA Pro by Cactus Biceps.

For any issues or suggestions, please contact me at

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Initial Google Play release.

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