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Author's NotesProtect yourself, your family and your friends


Use ProtectMii when going home at night, your kids’ way to school, evening runs or for relatives who are in need of care.

***** How does ProtectMii work? *****

When the alarm is triggered, ProtectMii will inform your selected contacts about the emergency or danger situation. Your guards will receive information about your present whereabouts, the time the alarm was triggered, and your smartphone’s current battery level. With a single click, the personal safety app will navigate your guards to the place of danger, ensuring that you can receive help quickly, and are never left to your own devices.

***** Parachute mode – the best way to trigger the alarm *****

By unplugging the headphone cable (USB and lightning headphones), an alarm is triggered instantly, without you needing to actively operate your smartphone.
Women and children swear by the effective protection. Athletes speak of easy, partly automated alarm triggering in the case of severe falls or accidents.

***** Additional functions *****

An additional acoustic signal from the phone alerts passers-by to the dangerous situation.

False alarm and deactivation protection enables you to cancel an accidently triggered alarm within 10 seconds, by entering your personally selected password. Your guards are not alerted in this case.

The integration of what3words helps you to find and navigate to any precise location.
Every 3m x 3m in the world has its unique 3 word address which is made up of 3 words from the dictionary that are easy to remember and communicate.
This simple and accurate way to talk about location makes it easier for you to tell the police and others where the emergency happened even in big parks or in the middle of nowhere.

If your smartphone is destroyed after you have successfully triggered an alarm, your guards will receive your most recently determined location data, thanks to our security server.

We are committed to protecting your privacy. This is why your location data is only determined and transmitted to your guards, after you have triggered an alarm. All data is managed by a server located in Germany, and it is not disclosed to any third parties.

***** ProtectMii: overview of features *****

• Fast alarm triggering
• Automated notification sent to personal contacts
• Navigation to the place of danger via the shortest route
• Acoustic alarm signal
• False alarm and deactivation protection
• Tracking activated only when alarm is triggered
• Integration of what3words

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ProtectMii - Your Emergency App APK - v1.2.9

Updated: 2019-12-08

What's new

Bug fixes and performance improvements
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