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OS RequireAndroid 3.0 - Honeycomb
Author's NotesProgrammers calculator is a hex converter or binary calculator with operations


Programmer Calculator is a Beautiful, simple yet powerful application with Hex Dec and Bin numbers displayed simultaneously .

Flat UI with minimalistic design makes its appearance soothing with no visual clutter

It supports Binary Hex Decimal and octal systems

It supports all the bitwise operations required by a developer and still maintains almost zero visual clutter.

It provides option to edit Individual bits in a binary number.

It supports BYTE (8bit), WORD / SHORT (16bit), DWORD / INTEGER (32bit) and QWORD / LONG (64BIT) Signed and Unsigned numbers.

It provides Floating Point mode and fixed point mode.

It can show IEEE 754 Representation of numbers.

Programmer calculator supports following Operations:
- Inc (Increment)
- Dec (Decrement)
- RoL (Rotate Left)
- RoR (Rotate Right)
- Or (Or)
- Xor (Exclusive Or)
- ShL (Left Shift)
- ShR (Right Shift)
- Not (Not)
- And (And)
- Add
- Subtract
- Divide
- Multiply
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Programmers Calculator Binary APK - v8.2

Updated: 2017-04-14

What's new

Added the most awaited Big Endian functionality

Added Step by step explanation for all conversions
Solved a few bugs
In the Bit editing screen you can view Hex and Decimal also
Removed Unwanted Permissions
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