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Author's NotesWho unfollowed me and who likes me. Followers unfollowers report


Discover your followers and know your unfollowers. Get full likes report. Find out who is not following you back!

Fast and accurate personal profile analytics:
- Profile analyzer;
- Followers analytics: who follows me;
- Unfollowers analytics: who recently unfollowed me;
- Likes report: post performance and engagement;
- Cleaner: unfollow unfollowers, non followers;
- Find out who your best likers are: who likes my posts most.

Wonder how to become popular in the social network? It’s easy with Followstat by iMetric! Fast and accurate analytics with followers stats and unfollowers report. Together with a powerful analyzer, you get a cleaner and can unfollow those users who’s not following back or unfollow everyone at once.

How to make your profile grow and gain popularity as quickly as possible? Find out by using followers analyzer in Followstat by iMetric! You can analyze multiple profile and get followers insight in all of them!

Get an accurate analytics on followers lost/gained. Check what followers unfollow you when you follow them back. Get daily followers stats with mutual followings and analysis of followers who don't follow back.

Who unfollowed me? Find out with Followstat by iMetric. With our unfollowers report you’ll keep an eye on those “who not following me” and “who just unfollowed me”. Full unfollowers statistics is constantly updated and you get the freshest info.

Your likes = your popularity. With Followstat by iMetric you can check likes as well as see your best/worst likers. Discover your most popular posts that your followers find interesting.

Everyone needs the unfollowers detector to unfollow unfollowers. Why is it important to see followers who unfollow you? The difference between followers and unfollowers 100% impacts your popularity. If the number of your followers increase, then you post the right content. If your likes and followers drop, then you need to work on your feed and on the quality of your content.

Mutual Following
Discover “who follows me back”. Our analyzer checks:
* followers who follow me
* unfollowers who not following me back

Get insights into your followers and unfollowers and check the freshest and unadulterated analytics!

Detailed insight into your profile! Thanks to your profile manager Followstat by iMetric, you can check followers and likes, unfollowers.

Together with an accurate follower analysis, you also get an organizer for your posts. Check likes, discover popular posts and use feed organizer to create the best profile with many many likes!

Fast analytics in one click! Accurate followers analyzer and unfollowers detector, likes reporter. All analytics in one app Followstat by iMetric!
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Profile Followers Analytics Followstat by iMetric APK - v4.10.2

Updated: 2021-01-12

What's new

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Now everything should be much more stable and faster.
If you experience any problems - please contact us through feedback form in Settings.
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