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PolicyPath is an app that allows organizations to define, distribute, communicate and update a policy that its user community are asked to understand and comply with.

At its core, PolicyPath employs an adaptable and explicable policy guidance and compliance engine. It can quickly and dynamically apply a rich set of policy rules to users’ specific cases. The app performs an assessment and explains in plain language what the user needs to do in order to comply with the organization’s policy and why their actions are important for the organization. It guides the user through the specific steps they need to take, while monitoring and notifying the user about their progress. The PolicyPath engine can be efficiently customized, updated and validated to include whatever criteria are essential for the organization to help ensure compliance.

Users would download the app at the request of an organization, enter the login information issued by their organization, and download the policies that the organization makes available to them.

If you’re interested in establishing a policy for your organization, reach out to today!
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PolicyPath APK - v1.4.11

Updated: 2020-12-24

What's new

New Features and Bug Fixes
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1.4.11 (274)2020-12-24
1.4.5 (50)2020-09-06
1.4.2 (41)2020-08-13
1.2 (31)2020-07-16
1.1 (26)2020-07-14


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