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Author's NotesDex updated for Gen 8 DLC! Build a team, battle, share it with the world.



PokeType contains all 898, including new forms for Gen 8! Offline search, find type effectiveness, scan QR codes.

Main Screen: All type combinations, dynamic search for 'mons, moves, abilities and egg groups
Details: Game Locations, evolutions/forms, learnset, abilities.

Strategy Cloud: Upload your team to the Cloud, or download other teams!
Team Builder: Create teams, add moves and check their stats and type weaknesses
Item Dex: Beautiful layout showing all items in the latest games
Move Dex: Search for any move of any type
Ability Dex: Search for any abilities, showing who can learn them
Base Stats: Filter by any type or stat to find the strongest
Mega Evolutions: Where to find each stone
Natures: All natures, with stat increases/decreases and food tastes
Egg Groups: Beautiful UI to show all belonging to each group
Horde Hunter: Find the best place to EV train
Maps: Maps for latest regions
IV Calculator: Finding and saving potential IVs using stats and EVs

... and much more!

- Full support for English and Spanish.
- Italian, German, French, Japanese and Korean have names, moves, and types translated.
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PokeType - Dex APK - v5.1.0.2

Updated: 2020-12-09

What's new

DLC data added
Battle Updates
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