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OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesFind and join worldwide remote Pokémon GO raids with PokeRaid!


PokeRaid is an application to find players to battle in Pokémon GO raids together!

Either worldwide or in your region, with PokeRaid finding trainers to join high tier and legendary raids is much easier!

How does PokeRaid work?

1- Report Raids
When you see a nearby raid, just take a screenshot of the raid and upload it to PokeRaid. We'll process your screenshot, create a Raid Room and notify other trainers!

2- Select your region
PokeRaid lets you select the region covering all gyms you can reach. It shows you active raids reported by other trainers in your region.

3- Explore Active Raids & Join Raid Rooms
Explore the raids reported both worldwide and in your region. If the raid is in your region, join the raid room and invite other trainers. If it is far away, ask for an invitation.

4- Get notified whenever a raid is reported
PokeRaid sends you raid notifications only when you want. Select the time interval you want to get notified and don't get interrupted other times.

5- Keep in contact with other trainers
You can send direct messages to each other, increase your friendship level and send daily gifts to each other!

Location privacy
We respect your privacy. Therefore we do not share your location with other trainers.

PokeRaid is a third party application to help nearby trainers to get in touch with each other. It is not affiliated with the Pokémon GO, Niantic, Nintendo or The Pokémon Company.
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PokeRaid - Worldwide Remote Raids APK - v0.17.1

Updated: 2021-03-05

What's new

We focused on usability on this release:
- Added ability to filter Active Raids screen
- Automatically copies host friendship code to clipboard when joined a room
- General bug fixes and enhancements
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0.17.1 (62)2021-03-05
0.16.1 (60)2021-02-20
0.15.1 (58)2021-02-11
0.14 (56)2021-01-22
0.13.1 (55)2020-12-21
0.12.5 (53)2020-12-18
0.12.3 (51)2020-12-11
0.11.3 (45)2020-11-10
0.11.2 (44)2020-11-06
0.11.1 (43)2020-11-03
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