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Author's NotesWe invite you to come deliver with us!


We invite you to come deliver with us!

Point Pickup Technologies, Inc., is a quickly growing enterprise same-day delivery company that provides an exciting new driver model for last-mile delivery that is being used by the country’s largest retailers.

Drivers prefer Point Pickup’s highly popular Micro DriverNetworks™ because they offer predictable jobs delivering from the same top retail stores to customers’ homes in their local neighborhoods. Drivers can plan their own daily schedules and routes (not Point Pickup!) while receiving work on a consistent, daily basis.

Home deliveries can include grocery, liquor, general merchandise, pharmacy and much more.

Drivers can see what they will earn before accepting delivery requests and will receive 100% of tips!

At Point Pickup, we care about our drivers!

Learn more about why drivers are joining the Point Pickup Team by visiting our Driver Hub:


We’ve updated our easy-to-onboard Driver App with these exciting new features:
• Batching: drivers can now accept orders that include multiple customer deliveries
• Easier and quicker payment options
• Instant tap-to-call button to reach customers
• New Unattended Delivery type for non-perishable packages
• More detailed information for ASAP deliveries
• In-app popup instructions for pick-ups and drop-offs
• HELP CENTER link to FAQ and Chat with Point Pickup
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Point Pickup Driver APK - v1.4.7

Updated: 2020-11-06

What's new

We’ve updated our easy-to-onboard Driver App with these exciting new features:

Driver auto-update/un-assign: Automatically checking driver status in order to improve delivery timing and operational efficiency.
Customer PIN code verification: Helping drivers verify correct deliveries by entering a customer-provided code.
In-app New App Release notification: In-App updates for new features and important app releases.
General app optimization updates
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1.4.7 (39)2020-11-06
1.4.6 (38)2020-11-04
1.4.4 (36)2020-10-23
1.4.3 (35)2020-10-10
1.4.2 (34)2020-09-10
1.4.1 (33)2020-08-14
1.4.0 (32)2020-07-16
1.3.1 (31)2020-06-04
1.2.3 (29)2020-05-31
1.2.2 (28)2020-05-22
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