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Author's NotesGoTool is fan-made tool to assist you playing with the latest info.


GoTool is free, fan-made tool to assist you in your experience playing. UP-TO-DATE information on Research Tasks, Raid Bosses, Eggs and more. Become the best at Raid battles and Team GO Rocket battles. Learn how to find the rarest Pokémon, and more!
This app updates information, so you can load the app, use it offline and update whenever and anywhere you want.
● Regional Pokémon Locations: Find out which Regional Pokémon are available in your region.
● Ditto Disguises: Learn which Pokémon Ditto disguises itself as so it will not trick you anymore.
● General Tips: Whether you are a new or a seasoned player, we have some tips for you!
● Team GO Rocket: Easily identify what type of encounter you will have against the Grunts and use the best counters for each of them.
● Type Effectiveness: Learn what the best counters for any type are.
● Raid Boss List: All the current Raid Bosses you can challenge and their best counters, perfect IV charts and difficulty.
● Field Research Task Rewards: Check all the tasks currently available as well as their rewards. You can filter the tasks by type and event.
● Egg Hatch List: All the Pokémon you can currently hatch from 2 km, 5 km, 7 km and 10 Km Eggs. You can filter them by distance.
● Shiny List: Cross all your trophies and share them with your friends! Includes event and costume shinies.
● Community Day: Check the upcoming CD date, bonuses and see the featured Pokémon perfect IV chart.
● Best 6 PVE Pokémon by Type: The top 6 Pokémon of each type ranked by the damage they do before fainting (TDO).
● Search and Filters: Learn how to use filters and search strings to easily navigate your Pokémon inventory and refine your searches.
● Experience Calculator: Add your goal experience number and deadline; we will calculate how much experience you will need to earn daily in order to complete your goal.
● Themes: You can choose between a selection of themes we have created for you.
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GoTool (Events, Tasks, Raids, CD, Shiny & more) APK - v3.2c

Updated: 2020-01-16

What's new

- New: Regionals
- New: Filters
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3.2c (68)2020-01-16
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3.1f (62)2019-12-16
3.1e (61)2019-12-05
3.1d (60)2019-11-30
3.0c (53)2019-11-12
3.0b (52)2019-11-06
2.9 (49)2019-10-26
2.8a (48)2019-10-11
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