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Author's NotesPlumber game for all ages!


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Plumber is a simple, fun, addicting fast thinking puzzle logic game.

As a Plumber you have to connect color pipes so the fluids can flow without crossing paths. Plumber: Reloaded is a game of logic, fast thinking and perception. Goal of game is to connect every two elements of the same color with pipes, so the water can flow. No problem, right? Well, the problem is, that pipes you draw cannot cross each other, you are limited to grid and moreover you have time running fast. So act quick, or you'll lose all lives and soon the game will be over ;)

If you draw the wrong pipe, just tap on base element of that pipe. Or shake the phone to reset the level completely.

Currently game has little over 420 levels (puzzles) in 5 different difficulties, each with own graphics theme. Sounds that add to the positive experience and motivate user to play more and more. There are 3 game modes – standard 3 stars mode in which you can beat levels one after another, time attack mode with 3 different types – sprint, summer run and marathon – each takes different amount of random levels from each difficulty to solve. Third game mode is training where you can practice your skills. The game provides hours of good fun and is free, though contains some ADs. The game is also called Arukone in some countries.

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Plumber: Reloaded APK - v2.5.1.1

Updated: 2016-09-19

What's new

setting crash is fixed on Android <5
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