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Author's NotesFighting Plastic Pollution in the UK Waterways


Plastic pollution is the single biggest environmental catastrophe our planet is facing. Fighting against the millions of tonnes of plastic that enters our oceans annually is no easy task, but tackling the issue from the root of its problem would reduce impact significantly.

Plastic Patrol is all about bringing together the efforts of committed individuals by inviting you to share your plastic pollution finds from anywhere in the world. By crowdsourcing data we are able to create a realistic picture of the plastic problem, and process this to identity trends, hot spots and pressure points that will allow us to make real and immediate change.

As the first and only interactive mapping system for plastic pollution we are able to understand the spatial distribution of plastic pollution across the world to educate and inform laws and policies around the issue of littering. In the UK alone we spend more than 1 billion pounds a year combatting litter and plastic pollution. The data captured from plastic patrol contributions will help uncover trends, clearly illustrated by evidence, that we can share with councils, authorities and other leading figures to help improve and litter collection and removal efforts, bin placement locations and other key issues.

The Plastic Patrol app is completely free to download. Get involved today and be part of the revolution.

Once downloaded pressing the camera button will allow you to upload images of plastic you have found directly to the interactive map and log how many pieces of litter there are.

You can also view the map by pressing the globe button as well as following the prompts to get involved at local events near you!
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Plastic Patrol APK - v2.9.0

Updated: 2020-07-01

What's new

* Streamlined litter collection flow
* Minor UI bug fixes
* augmented in-app documentation
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