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Author's NotesInstantly identify wild plants, get to know mushroom and find them on plant maps


Plant identification is the process of matching a specimen plant to a known taxon. It uses various methods, most commonly single-access keys or multi-access keys.

When you take a walk during sunny days, have you ever come across a beautiful flower or a leaf you would know more about? When you’re doing garden work, do you ever need tips on plant caring? Simply take a photo of the plant, Plant Identifier & Mushroom Recognizer app answers all the questions for you.

Instantly identify plants of all kinds, anywhere in the world! Flowers, trees, succulents, mushrooms and more can be quickly recognized with Plant Identifier & Mushroom Recognizer, the mobile app built to help you identify flowers, leaves, plants & trees and mushrooms in a snap.

Take a photo of plants and share your snaps with social networks worldwide! Connect with fellow nature enthusiasts around the world with our new Social Feed.

Simply take or upload a photo of any plant, and get instantaneous and accurate plant ID results with our revolutionary artificial intelligence technology.

Identify 99% common species. 10,000+ species in searchable app database
Accuracy rate of 95%
Let the learning begin with our super rich content.
From watering frequency to pest and disease control, from literature to fun fact, everything you want to know about the plant is here in the Plant Identifier & Mushroom Recognizer app.
Plant Identifier & Mushroom Recognizer allows you to identify and better understand all kinds of plants living in nature: flowering plants, trees, grasses, leaf, conifers, ferns, vines, wild salads or cacti and mushrooms

Power of Machine Learning
Used cutting edge methods of machine learning (artificial intelligence) and trained customized deep neural networks to ensure the best possible results.

Identify plants, flowers, leaf, cacti, succulents and mushrooms in seconds with the click of a button on your mobile device.
Identify all known species of plants and trees. Huge number of plants in our searchable database.

Get instantaneous, accurate results also descriptions in different languages

To identify a plant you simply need to simply snap a photo of the plant, and the app will tell you what it is in a matter of seconds!
This is an all-in-one application of plant identification and mushroom recognizer, also additionally we have plant maps, growing zones of plants on the maps.

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Plant Identification, Mushroom Identifier Apps APK - v1.1.1

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