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Author's NotesPlanon App is your ultimate office assistant.


Your ultimate office assistant that allows you to search a colleague, book a meeting room, claim a free work place or report any type of incident fast and easy.

Planon App is a unique solution that allow all employees to intuitively search and then utilize rooms and workplaces on-the-fly, all by the convenience of their smartphone. This App creates a super user experience by taking advantage of smartphones inherent capabilities like scanning QR codes for location- or asset identification, taking picture in case of a malfunction, touching a RFID tag for identification, and combining this data with user-, date- and time information.

Planon App connects with your suitable Planon Enterprise software license.

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Planon APK - v2.0.4.7-28

Updated: 2021-01-22

What's new

An error is shown when creating a reservation on a reservation unit that has a non-bookable period at that moment.
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