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Author's NotesPlan Monitor: Real Time self-control of the month-to-date consumption


Plan Monitor gives you SELF-CONTROL of the month-to-date CONSUMPTION of your Smartphone Android device to not exceed your plan limits. Save money and get the máximum of your mobile phone with Plan Monitor fitting into your plan limits every month.

Plan Monitor helps you out to check the montly carrier bill, sending a report (on csv format generated from your phone activity) of your calls, SMS and data conections details to your email.

- Real Time Consumption Monitor and Counters including so far consumption to control your plans. You can keep the cost at the bay and you will not exceed your plan limit again!
- Customize your plan introducing voice, SMS and data limits applying to you. You will not run out of the plan limits.
- Control yours SMS and calls to FREE NUMBERS -> Consumption at this numbers will be not deducted from the plan set.
- Plan Monitor provides a independent call log got from the device activity. You can to export it to your email to check with your montly carrier bill. Even if the phone log is deleted, Plan Monitor will preserve the full call detail records in the file sent to you.
- Set up of ALARMS to let you be notified anytime you get closer to your plan limits.

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Plan Monitor APK - v6.2.0.1

Updated: 2020-10-23

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