Rating4.6 ★ / 5
OS Require2.3 and up
Author's NotesRPG Adventure in the Caribbean as Pirate or Trader.


Sail the Caribbean in this turn-based strategy/role-playing game. Will you be peaceful trader, traveling from island to island with goods trying to exploit circumstances of high supply and demand? Or will you be a rapacious pirate, waging war on sea and on land against the enemies of your country. You decide!

- RPG System with 3 Aptitudes and 20+ skills
- Sail the Caribbean in any of 20 different historical ships
- Customize your ship with more than 20 different improvements

Notes on Gold!

Compared to the free game, "Pirates and Traders: Gold!" is ad-free, adds two new starting background (buccaneer and escaped slave), and adds 5 additional starting ships (pinnace, coastal barque, chasse-maree, fluyt and caravel).

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Do you miss the version 1 game play of Pirates and Traders? Then "Pirates and Traders: Retro!" is for you. Enjoy!

IMPORTANT: If you have a savegame that Force-Closes when loading - CONTACT US BY EMAIL - and do NOT delete the savegame. Contacting us will allow us to give you instructions regarding how to send us the savegame and makes it much more likely that we can find and fix the error. Also, in general reporting bugs is always best by e-mail. I try to respond to reviews when possible, but unfortunately I do not have time to answer everything.
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What's new

- More maintenance fixes.

- Maintenance release that fixes some minor bugs and upgrades libraries.

- Fixes some bugs. Makes it possible to leave port with a mutinous crew.

- Fixes some crash bugs for specific phones.

- Minor bug fixes. Removed Pirates day offer.

- Updated libraries and fixed some very minor bugs.

- Fixed some minor bugs and scripting errors.
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