Rating3.7 ★ / 5
Size92.12 MB
OS RequireAndroid 4.1.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesPlunder and trade your way across the Caribbean in this swashbuckling pirate RPG


=== Early Access ===
"Pirates and Traders 2" is still in active development. This means that the game has been released although it is still not completely finished.

=== Welcome back, me hearties ===
Return to the Caribbean in the sequel to Pirates and Traders. Navigate the new world, discover new ports, factions, and characters. The choice is yours; be a privateer, hunting down the enemies of your King, play it safe by trading and gradually amassing vast wealth and power, or fly the black flag and become the most notorious pirate on the Spanish main.

- Play the base game for free.
- Buy low and sell high in more than 40 different settlements with 12 different goods.
- Interact with hundreds of different characters and go on adventures.
- Gain rank and assemble fleets of ships to do your bidding.
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Pirates and Traders 2 BETA APK - v0.398

Updated: 2020-05-23

What's new

This update significantly changes the skill system, allowing players to expend xp to purchase skills, instead of selecting a training focus. See the wiki pages for more details. Also adds new encounters and a ton of bug fixes, as always.

A new update will be coming soon, adding more combat and many other changes.
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