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Author's NotesMake your Pro Football Picks, play fantasy leagues, check scores and more.


Draft Your Pro Football PICKS

Submit your weekly pro football draft picks every pro football game. Picks for each game are locked one hour before each game time.

Pro Football Updates & Live Game Scoring

Follow your favorite teams and keep up to date with the latest football news and updates.

Live scoring updates allows you to open the app and see current score, game time, who has the ball, and more.

Play & Manage Multiple Fantasy Leagues

Want to play with friends, family or co-workers? Create a fantasy league of your own or join previously created fantasy leagues for a closer competitive experience. Talk smack to each other on the league messaging boards and see who picked which teams once Picks are locked! You’re allowed to join and create as many Picks fantasy leagues as you’d like. Get ready to compete!

Real Time Game Highlights

Get updated on all the pro football games played each week, including scores and winning teams.

Pro Football Weekly Picks & Leaderboards

See how well you’re doing compared to others on the weekly and all-season leaderboards. Scores are accumulated from each winning pick and calculated at the end of each game week to determine the leaderboard order.
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Picks APK - v7.0.4

Updated: 2020-09-18

What's new

Welcome to the 2020 Season!

New this year:
• Team Hub with detailed team stats, latest news updates, and player injury stats
• New automatic leagues for CES Branches! Play against your friends and colleagues and hit the top of the leaderboard
• Weather forecasts for upcoming games so you know the conditions and can make the best pick

Download the update and start playing today!
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