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Author's NotesPhrasal verbs are an important part of the english learning. If you want to be able to speak like a...




Phrasal verbs are an important part of the english learning.

If you want to be able to speak like a native, you need to understand them and use them in your everyday conversations. They are extremely important also when you want to pass exams and certificates for your career.

In case you don't know or you don't remember what is , a phrasal verb is a idiomatic expression that contains a verb and an element, like a adverb or preposition. That new particle modifies the verb

The problem is that they are difficult because sometimes they mean something different depending on the modifier.

The only way to learn them is to memorise and use them.

With this trainer you can easily learn them so you become proficient in their use.

This app is the trainer. The way it's organised around cards: every card is a phrasal verb.

If you know it, turn it to right.

If you don't know it, memorise it and swipe to left so it will appear again and you will remember them in the future.

You also have the meaning and one example on how to use it, so you make the most of it.

Finally the more time you spend using the app, the more you will learn the verbs. So stick to a calendar and practice every day until you know most of them.

You will see that phrasal verbs are not difficult, they just take some time to get them.

And when you are done with them, you'll be glad you got to learn them in an efficient way.

Again don't remember to use them once you know them

These are the verbs that will appear in the cards:

-Ask someone out
-Ask around
-Add up to something
-Back something up
-Back someone up
-Break in
-Break up
-Break out in something
-Bring someone down
-Bring someone up
-Bring something up
-Bring something up
-Call around
-Call someone back
-Call on someone
-Call on someone
-Call someone up
-Catch up
-Check in
-Come from somewhere
-Count on someone/something
-Cross something out
-Cut back on something
-Cut something down
-Cut in
-Cut in
-Cut in
-Cut something off
-Cut something off
-Cut someone off
-Do something over
-Do away with something
-Do something up
-Dress up
-Drop back
-Drop in/by/over
-Drop someone/something off
-Drop out
-Eat out
-End up
-Fall apart
-Fall down
-Fall out
-Fall out
-Figure something out
-Fill something in
-Fill something out
-Fill something up
-Find out
-Find something out
-Get along/on
-Get around
-Get away
-Get away with something
-Get back
-Get something back
-Get back at someone
-Get back into something
-Get on something
-Get over something
-Get over something
-Get round to something
-Get together
-Get up
-Give something out
-Give something up
-Give up
-Go after someone
-Go after something
-Go against someone
-Go ahead
-Go back
-Go out
-Go out with someone
-Hold someone/something back
-Hold something back
-Hold on
-Hold someone/something up
-Keep on doing something
-Keep something from someone
-Keep someone/something out
-Keep something up
-Let someone down
-Let someone in
-Look after someone/something
-Look down on someone
-Look for someone/something
-Look forward to something
-Look into something
-Look out
-Look out fors omeone/something
-Look something over
-Look something up
-Look up to someone
-Make something up
-Make up
-Make someone up
-Mix something up
-Pass away
-Pay for something
-Pick something out
-Point someone/something out
-Put something down
-Put something on
-Run into someone/something
-Run away
-Run out
-Send something back
-Set something up
-Set someone up
-Shop around
-Show off
-Sleep over
-Sort something out
-Stick to something
-Switch something off
-Switch something on
-Take off
-Take something off
-Take something out
-Take someone out
-Tear something up
-Think back
-Throw something away
-Turn something down

If you want to suggest more verbs, just contact us and will add your phrasal verbs with examples

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