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Author's NotesCalc of golden hour and blue hour, moon phases, sunset and sunrise, cloud cover


PhotoTime:A must have app for portait and landscape photographers

If you are a sunseeker this app will tell you when and where will the sunrise and sunset be (dusk and dawn). Also gives additional information about:
blue hour
golden hour
sun angles on the map - pro
saving favourite locations
cloud cover - pro
moon phase, azimuth, age, lunar info, etc - pro
reminders - pro
weather - pro

information. These magic hours have the best light for creating beautiful portraits or scenic landscapes. We have also other photo pills for remedying your photos - map feature to know the best angles and reminders so you wont forget the best golden hour photo.

PhotoTime – making photos easy!

✔️ 🗺️map with sunset/sunrise direction indicated
✔️ ⏰ reminders module so you won't forget any su period
✔️ 📱two widgets for knowing the best hours at first glance
✔️ earth/night/silver view of different location
✔️ golden and blue hour calculator with precision up to one minute
✔️ day length, solar noon, dusk and dawn, twilight (nautical and astronomical) times
✔️ customizing both location and time
✔️ personalisation
✔️ cool ui and more

Golden hour is a period shortly after sunrise or before sunset during which daylight is really interesting for photography. It’s the opposite of blue hour, which is the period just before sunrise or just after sunset when light is diffused and even

🎨 Logo & design thanks to:

Translation thanks to:
- german Felix Bluethner
- dutch Stefan Andersson
- finnish - Joonas Johannes Nyman
- italian Flavio Fioretti & Tom Gentile (
- turkish Alican Domnez
- ukrainian Andrew Yarkovoi
- russian Andrew Yarkovoi
- hindi Sangam Panda
- romanian Alexandru-Cristian Radu
- Slovak Martin Šturcel
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PhotoTime: Blue hour, golden hour, sunset, sunrise APK - v3.7.6

Updated: 2021-02-23

What's new

3.4.2 version
- performance improvments & ui fixes

3.4.1 version
- About screen - rate app crash fix
- new location pin icon
- performance improvments & ui fixes

3.4.0 version
- New Guide Section
- performance improvments & ui fixes

3.2.4 version
Weather UI improvements
Map shows sun direction on current time
Weather background fix on old devices
New Promotion codes - submit ideas for a guide to receive a code!
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3.7.6 (93)2021-02-23
3.7.4 (91)2021-02-20
3.7.3 (90)2021-01-27
3.7.2 (89)2021-01-23
3.6.9 (86)2021-01-14
3.6.3 (80)2021-01-01
3.6.2 (66)2020-11-11
3.4.5 (53)2020-10-21
3.4.2 (52)2020-08-25
3.4.1 (51)2020-08-07
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