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These 15 phonics sentence monkey games are great for learning to read sentences with a variety of word families. The words used in these sentences are built around short and long vowel word families and other vowels combinations like r-controlled vowels, double vowels and more. The words are carefully chosen with rhyming combinations in mind. These sentences will also present phonics learners with a chance to practice common sight words (the, a, and etc.). After learning to read words, reading simple sentences is the next step. Before you know it, your child will be reading stories next.
Short ‘a’ word families – at, am, ap, ab, ack, an, etc. (Example: The fat cat sat on a hat.)
Short ‘e’ word families – et, en, em, est, ent etc. (Example: Ben met the vet.)
Short ‘i’ word families – ish, it, in, im, ip, ig etc. (Example: A big pig can dig.)
Short ‘o’ word families – og, ox, ot, ost, ock etc. (Example: The dog sits on a log.)
Short ‘u’ word families – ug, ub, ut, un, uck etc. (Example: The bug is in a jug.)
Long ‘a’ word families – ane, ake, ate, ame, ace, ay, ain, ail etc. (Example: A snake is in the lake.)
Long ‘e’ word families – eep, eet, eat, eam, eal, eel etc (Example: The seal eats a meal.)
Long ‘i’ word families – ite, ike, ime, ine, ive, ide, ight, y etc. (Example: Mike rides a bike.)
Long ‘o’ word families – oat, oad, ome, ote, ose, one, obe etc. (Example: A boat can float.)
Long ‘u’ word families – ute, ube, une, ule, ude, oot, oof, ool etc. (Example: The cute mule hears a flute.)
R-controlled vowels ‘ar, air, or’ word families – ar, arm, arf, ork, orn, orm, air etc. (Example: The horse hears a horn.)
R-controlled vowels ‘ir, er, ur’ word families – irt, ird, irl, erd, erb, urn, urt, irst etc. (Example: There is dirt on my skirt.)
Special vowels ‘aw, all’ word families – aw, awk, all, alk etc. (Example: I saw the claws of a tall bird.)
Double vowels ‘oi, oy’ word families – oil, oint, oy, (Example: The boy has a toy.)
Double vowels ‘ow, ou’ word families – ow, ouse, out, ound, oud etc. (Example: The mouse leaves the house.)
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