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Author's NotesApp for teaching long, special & r-controlled vowels, digraphs and diphthongs


(LITE) In this app, children will learn the long 'o' & long 'u' vowel sounds with the silent 'e'. They will also learn vowel digraphs (oa, ow, short versus long 'oo'). There are also videos and activities for learning the r-controlled vowels (er, or, ar, ir, ur), double vowels or diphthongs (oi, oy, ow, ou) and special vowels (aw, ew). The app also features 7 short stories which are built around the sounds learned in this level. Children will learn to read short stories and sentences. This app is a complementary product of Kiz Phonics Book 6 for 2nd grade at .

VIDEOS: These lessons will help teach the long vowel sounds of 'o' and 'u' with their corresponding vowel digraphs. Then they will teach other kinds of vowel combinations like r-controlled vowels (or, ar, er, ir, ur) double vowels (oi, oy, au) and vowel digraphs(oa, oo, ow) . They will also learn how the silent E changes the short 'o' to long 'o' in words like code - code; short 'u' to long 'u' in words like hug - huge, cub - cube etc.
There are 7 short video stories aimed at extending practice of long and special vowels.

GAMES: Every video is accompanied by a drag and drop activity or two to help practice what was taught in the videos. These games will ensure that learners have enough practice to learn and master the core concepts of this level. At the end, your child will be reading words with these newly learned phonemes. This is a key level in learning to read words and sentences in English using the rules of phonics.
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